A staunch believer in an

Interdisciplinary Approach to

problem solving.


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Arun Abraham Thomas

I deeply resonate with the "Medici Effect" which posits that innovation arises when multiple industries, cultures, and disciplines converge, transferring ideas from one area to the next.

Arun Abraham Thomas

About Me

Hello there, I'm Arun Abraham Thomas- A passionate advocate for interdisciplinary innovation, I am driven by the "Medici Effect" principle — the belief that the intersection of diverse industries, cultures, and disciplines sparks true innovation. With a solid foundation in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Masters from Carnegie Mellon University, United States coupled with an MBA from Porto Business School, Portugal, I seamlessly bridge the gap between technology and business.

I am always on the lookout for collaborative opportunities and fresh challenges that allow me to push the boundaries of innovation. Let's connect and explore the myriad possibilities that await!